List of All-Time FIFA World Cup Winners


Do you know which country won the first FIFA Men’s football world cup? Where it was held? Which country won the most World Cups? Well, that’s pretty much interesting to know for a soccer fan. And for such curious soccer lover, here we have compiled a full list of winners of FIFA world cup since its beginning. Yes, right from 1930 where it was first held in Uruguay among 13 top football teams from all around the world. So get ready to take a look at these successful football teams and the champions of FIFA world Cup who prove themselves in the soccer main event.

With more than 2Billion fans all around the world, football is considered as the most favorite game played by 150+ countries. Football World Cup is considered as the most viewed sports event draws attention of huge fans. The history of football is quite old but the beginning of FIFA world cup is quite new and dated back in 1930. That year, football federation sent invitation to countries to take part in the main event. Contrary to the rule, there no qualifying round for the first FIFA World Cup, but later on, it was compulsory that the teams must first qualify for the world cup main event. Among 13 countries, Uruguay won the title of champion after defeating the Argentina in final.

FIFA World Cup Winners

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Since 1930, 20 world cup events have held in different countries every four yearly with exception of 1942 and 1946 where the FIFA main event not held due to WWII. Last world cup was held in Brazil in 2014 and the next world is planned in 2018 in Russia. The recent world cup won by Germany and Argentina remain the runner up. There were total 32 teams participating in FIFA WC 2014 and the final was the most viewed sports event in the history. For a complete list of FIFA world Cup Winners, refer to the table below with most recent world cup entry first.


List of FIFA World Cup Winners

Year Winners Vs Runners Up Hosts, Total Teams & Attendance
2014 Germany vs Argentina Brazil: 32 team (74, 738)
2010 Spain vs Netherlands South Africa: 32 teams (84, 490)
2006 Italy vs France Germany: 32 teams (69,000)
2002 Brazil vs Germany Korea/Japan: 32 teams (69, 029)
1998 France vs Brazil France: 32 teams (80,000)
1994 Brazil vs Italy United States: 24 teams (94,194)
1990 West Germany vs Argentina Italy: 24 teams (73, 603)
1986 Argentina vs West Germany Mexico: 24 teams (114,600)
1982 Italy vs West Germany Spain: 24 teams (90,000)
1978 Argentina vs Netherlands Argentina: 16 teams (71,483)
1974 West Germany vs Netherlands West Germany: 16 teams (75,200)
1970 Brazil vs Italy Mexico: 16 teams (107,412)
1966 England vs West Germany England: 16 teams (93,000)
1962 Brazil vs Czechslovakia Chile: 16 teams (69,000)
1958 Brazil vs Sweden Sweden: 16 team (51,800)
1954 West Germany vs Hungary Switzerland: 16 teams (60,000)
1950 Uruguay vs Brazil Brazil: 13 teams (174,000)
1946 Not held due to WWII Plan to held at Brazil
1942 Not held due to WWII Plan to held at Germany
1938 Italy vs Hungary France: 16 teams (45,000)
1934 Italy vs Czechslovakia Italy: 16 teams (50,000)
1930 Uruguay vs Argentina Uruguay: 13 teams (80,000)

Most FIFA World Cup Winning Team: Brazil

From the above statistics, Brazil showed to be the most successful team who won 5 world cups in total. This including World Cup of 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. The team remain the runner up 2 time as well and hosts the world cup 2 time once in 1950 and then in 2014.

FIFA World-Cup Champion
Germany: Current FIFA World Cup Champion

The 2nd most winning country is the current world football champion, Germany. Germany won the competition 4 times and remain the runner team 4 times as well. Italy and Uruguay won the title of FIFA champion 2 times while France, Spain and England won the title only single time.

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