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As our website Firstrowsports is intended to provide quality sports streaming to all the sports fans; we can’t miss one of the most popular sports of the century, the Basketball. Basket ball is among the top playing sports in the World and is one of the top 3 most popular sports in USA. Americans love to play and watch basketball as the game is come into existence by Americans in 1947. Till to date, this sport is played by 127 countries. This huge number shows how popular the game is. All these countries come under International Basketball Federation or the FIBA. Other then FIBA, there are many Leagues and Association play and entertain their viewers with the exciting basket ball game. It is not only the sport for men but is loved and played by women as well as children. There are associations and teams for youngsters and females. It is a healthy sport most of us playing it as hobby and to stay fit.

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For the lovers of basketball game and supporters of NBA teams, Firstrowsports brings quality HD streaming. Our team of sports reporters work hard to collect and record every single moment of your favorite FIBA match. We get you directly to the broadcaster of Basketball matches and series. Here you’ll enjoy the matches as front row sports viewers. To make your experience exceptional, we host the ad-free versions of streaming from top sports streaming sites. Not only the live matches but we keep our visitors and the huge number of sport fans updated with live score, match and players statistics, comments and debates from our team of experts. Even if you’re not able to watch the match on time, highlights will published within the hours the match finished. Being mobile-friendly, you can now watch all basketball related stuff in your office, home or on the go.

So don’t roam around the internet for quality basketball streaming and other sports channel, just keep visiting the First Row website and enjoy the ultimate experience of match. Stay concocted as we will broadcasting the national basketball association or NBA matches, Euroleague matches and basketball world cup. All just a click away

Basic Rules of Basketball Game

Basketball is a simple game that does not require any expensive material or gears. There is no need for specially constructed stadium. It can be played in college backyard. As usual, there are two teams however the number of players in basketball teams is differed from those in football, hockey or cricket. Each of the team has 05 members. All looking to score goals by keeping the ball, passing it to the fellow player, preventing it being catch by the rival team and finally throwing the ball toward the hoop. A goal is scored if the ball is gone into the hoop. There are two hoops on vertical poles at both ends of rectangular basketball court. The court is usually 15 meter wide and 28 meter long. Unlike football or Rugby court, basketball court didn’t have natural grass instead a solid material usually maple wood is used on the floor. Total duration of the whole match is 40 minutes, at the end of which the team with more goals considered the winner. Looks and sounds simple to play but this game required lot of physical effort and mental sharpness to dribble the opponent player and hit the goal.

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