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For the fans of archery, Olympic is a great sporting event where they can watch their favorite sport. Those who are eager to watch their favorite archer live, First Row Sports brings the live covering of archery events of Rio 2016 summer Olympics.Here you will see the streaming links,the TV guide, the videos and the how-tos about watching Rio games online from your desktop or mobile. If you are one of those who don’t want to miss any single shots and arrows hitting the targets, you are at the right spot.

Archery is not much popular as other sports like football, basketball or the cricket but still has hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide. The number is grows frequently as more and more countries sending their archers to the Olympics. In current Rio Olympics more than 120 archers from 54 different countries taking part in the game out of which 3 would prove themselves to become the Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist.

Archery is not a new sport; it was once a need and a way to survive. People use arrows and bows to prey animals for meet. History of Archery as sport is dated back to thousands years BC where tribes and countries set an event to show the other how accurate they are on hitting the targets. It is included in almost every Olympic event. If you are not a fan of the game but loved to get know-how about this ancient sport, there are lots of resources available online to get info and stay updated. Here we are going to reveal the live streaming guide and link to the Rio Archery events.

Rio Olympics Archery Live Stream

Rio 2016 Olympic Archery Schedule (Men’s and Women’s)

Both the men’s and women’s archery events will starts from the beginning date of Rio Olympics, from 5th August 2016 right on the day of opening ceremony and will continue till 12th August where the quarter-final, semi-final and final of archery occurs for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.The whole week long complete schedule of Olympic archery is given below.

Friday, 5 August 2016

  • Men’s Individual Ranking Round (5.30 pm)
  • Women’s Individual Ranking Round (9.30 pm)

Saturday, 6 August 2016

  • Men’s Team Round of 16 (5.30 pm)
  • Men’s Team Quarterfinal, Semifinals and Medal matches (10.30 pm)

Sunday, 7 August 2016

  • Women’s team round of 16(5:30 PM)
  • Women’s team quarterfinals, Semifinals, Medal Matches(10:30 PM)

Monday, 8 August 2016

  • Men’s and Women’s individual round of 64,32 (5:30 PM)
  • Men’s and Women’s individual round of 64,32(11:30 pm)

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

  • Men’s and women’s individual round of 64,32 (Morning Session) (5:30 pm)
  • Men’s and women’s individual round of 64,32( Afternoon Session) (11:30 pm)

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

  • Men’s and women’s individual round of 64,32 (Morning Session) (5:30 pm)
  • Men’s and Women’s individual round of 64,32( Afternoon Session) (11:30 pm)

Thursday, 11 August 2016

  • Women’s individual round of  16 (5:30 PM)
  • Women’s individual quarterfinals, semifinals, Medal Matches (11:30 pm)

Friday, 12 August 2016

  • Men’s individual round of 16 (5:30 PM)
  • Men’s individual quarterfinals, Semifinals, Medal matches (11:30 pm)

Note: The start time of events is ET/PT (US Zone Time)


Sports TV Channels to Telecast Live Rio Archery Events

There are numerous sports TV channels that will live broadcast the Rio games including the Archery. These TV channels are however country based which means that there are location based restriction to access them in your country. The country based list of such TV channels is given below. Don’t be panic if none of the channel from your country telecast the Olympics sport events, we have free alternates for you as well.

Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Archery Live TV Stream

1. NBC Olympics

This US based TV channel is the Official broadcaster of 2016 Rio summer Olympics. Itwill live telecast the Archery events and rounds for American viewers and Archery lovers. Enjoy the whole season with NBC Olympics for free.

2. BBC Sports

British Broadcasting Company will bring the live events of Archery for the fans based in UK Ireland and Scotland. The official website of will also stream the Archery main events live for UK viewers as well.

3. CBC Sports Radio and TV

Here comes a TV channel for Canadian fans of archery. It will live telecast the events held at Rio.

4. Fox Sports

The above said TV channel is for the fans from Latin America and Caribbean countries.

5. Star Sports

Indians fans can enjoy the sport of Arrows and Bows on Star Sports, the official broadcaster of Rio Olympics in India.

6. HotStar

Another sports streaming channel for Indian and Asian fans of archery.

7. Others

Viewers of Rio from New Zealand can use Sky TV and their streaming website to access the streaming of Rio sport events. SuperSportis a big name in sport channel for the African users. The channel can be accessed in 40 different countries of Africa.For Russian fans of archery, NTVPlus is a hope while for Chinese fans of Rio Olympics; CCTV Sports will telecast the live matches, fight and events of Olympics 2016.

Sports Streaming to Watch Live Archery Online

There are plenty of live sports streaming sites that will broadcast the event on the time when it begins. Some of them let you access the event on PPV based (Pay-per-view) with subscription fee as high as $20. However there are some places and resources where you can access the archery events for free without any subscription or signing up. The list of free streaming sites is given below

  • First Row Sports: The number 1 free sport streaming site. The site is however got banned in many countries including United States and United Kingdome
  • Sports Lemon: Another great streaming site to watch Rio Olympics for free
  • Front Row Sports: A popular alternate to Firstrowsports with almost same level of streaming experience as of the first one.
  • Firstroweu: In case if the Firstrow Sports is banned in your country
  • Atdhe
  • VipBox
  • MyP2P

Check these sites, choose the one that best suits your need, provide quality stream, up-to-date and then bookmark it to use later on.

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